Bat Bites! Halloween Season 2011

Welcome back, my sweet little zombies, to another edition of Bat Bites- tiny (bat!) bite size news bits from the world of The Zombified!

Can you feel it? Halloween is creeping up on us deliciously fast! You know for us ooky spooky types Halloween is absolutely the best time of year so, of course, The Zombified's got all kinds of tricks and treats in store...

First of all, a huge thanks to Amy over at The Ultimate Goth Guide for her beautifully written entry into her Coveting! feature! She also included the Hallowhaus comic in her Books That Go Bump In The Night list of essential Halloween reads. She describes the latest issue of Hallowhaus as: "The perfect comic book treat to serve up for Halloween - as classic as a slice of pumpkin pie and as warm as hot chocolate. A light-heartedly spooky treat for darklings of all ages." How's that for a review!?

Planning a Halloween party or two? Just in case you missed it last year: The Zombified offers a freeprintable party kit, featuring 16 different designs!

So many awesome events coming up in and around Houston! Check these out:

-  Splatterfest Horror Film Festival - Sept. 27th to Oct. 1st - Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks - I'll be vending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

- Horror Art Show @ Alamo Drafthouse West Oaks - September 27th to October 31st - I'll have several original drawings on display (and up for sale!) all month long

- Zombie Walk Houston - October 22nd - The Zombified will be vending once again at Zombie Walk Houston's fourth annual event

Plus don't forget to look for The Zombified table at Numbers Nightclub Halloween weekend (28th and/or 29th- we're still working out the details... watch the Facebook page to be updated!)

Discount time! Enter code HALLOWEEN13 while shopping on The Zombified's Etsy store for 13% off your order! Ends 10/31 (of corpse!)

In case you missed 'em on Facebook or DeviantArt, check out these new designs! Prints (etc.) coming soon.

Bat Bites - Zombified Chainsaw Massacre!

Bat Bites is a new feature here on The Zombified blog/newsletter- tiny bite-sized news bits that I probably intended to write about in more detail before my awesome procrastination habit kicked in, causing all the bits to start piling up. Rather than pummel you with posts (or- much more likely- continue procrastinating), I'll compile them as necessary and give it to you short and sweet!

This first edition of Bat Bites is a very special themed edition! Some of you might already be aware of the fact that the original 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre is my absolute favorite movie (we're talking full on geekery here, folks!), and over the past few months I've had several opportunities to deeply indulge myself in said geekery...

Texas Chainsaw Massacre by The Zombified for Rue Morgue Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 Cover Art Contest

First was the Rue Morgue Cover Contest at this year's Texas Frightmare Weekend. I couldn't resist doing a Chainsaw themed cover, and it scored me an honourable mention on the Rue Morgue site! Very few of there were printed, but there's a few prints left so you can still snag one on my Etsy.

On June 4th I had the ultimate fan experience: I spent the entire day touring the original filming locations, and topped it off with an awesome outdoor screening of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the house (now restaurant) from the movie! My buddy Wes from The Bloodsprayer is a big Chainsaw fan as well- he asked me to do a guest post so you can read all about my adventure. Oh, did I mention I actually had dinner... in the Chainsaw house... with Edwin Neal (the Hitchhiker- who just happens to be my veryvery favorite character)? Because I did. And it was beautiful.

Surprise! I'd been secretly scheming with awesome horror shirt company Fright Rags to quite literally dig up some dirt for their limited Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Exteme Edition sets! Freddy In Space collected all the details nicely, so you can read all about what was included and see the shirt/poster artwork over there!

Hallowhaus Issue #4

Finally, after a few complications with printing, the fourth issue of the Hallowhaus comic book series is here!

Hallowhaus is the tale of a newly undead girl, risen from the grave one Halloween night. She soon finds her way to the castle Hallowhaus, where she realizes she's not quite as alone as she'd thought.

Issue #4 contains 28 black and white pages of spooky goodness.

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You can - of course ;) - get yourself a copy of it at:

October 2010 Events & Giveaways


Want to snag yourself a signed The Zombified print... for free? Here's your chance!

This Saturday October 16th the Crawl of the Dead - Village Invasion in NY will be giving away some signed art prints from The Zombified, along with what appears to be a ton of other amazing prizes!

You also have a chance from now until October 20th to win your choice of two signed prints, and- perhaps!- a signed copy of Hallowhaus Issue #1 from awesome horror blog Freddy in Space!


The Zombified will be vending in person at the following events this month... be there!!

Houston Zombie Walk
Saturday October 23rd @ 5:30PM
Houston, TX

Underworld's Monster Bash
Saturday October 30th @ 9:00PM
Houston, TX

News of the Living Dead!

Much news to behold in this update, hopefully in some sort of sensible order...

Tomorrow night- Friday April 23rd 2010- The Zombified will be returning once again to vend Numbers Nightclub in Houston, Texas.

Beginning the same day but in a different place in the world- the Motor City Nightmares convention runs through April 23rd-25th, which there will be two autographed copies of the latest issue (#3) of the Hallowhaus comic book series up for grabs!

Next weekend is- of course- April 30th - May 2nd. Yes, the mighty Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX! The Zombified will be vending all weekend at this event, and yes, you may even spot me again at the Zombie Walk on Saturday!

The Zombified recently donated an original piece of custom artwork (the "Black Cat" drawing) to the Black Cat Rescue's current silent auction (or go to and enter AuctionID: KittenSeason2010 password: BlackCatsRock), which is going on now through May 12th.

Not exactly news, but worth mentioning: The Zombified is indeed on Facebook, MySpace, and LiveJournal. Show me some love.