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News of the Living Dead!

Much news to behold in this update, hopefully in some sort of sensible order...

Tomorrow night- Friday April 23rd 2010- The Zombified will be returning once again to vend Numbers Nightclub in Houston, Texas.

Beginning the same day but in a different place in the world- the Motor City Nightmares convention runs through April 23rd-25th, which there will be two autographed copies of the latest issue (#3) of the Hallowhaus comic book series up for grabs!

Next weekend is- of course- April 30th - May 2nd. Yes, the mighty Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX! The Zombified will be vending all weekend at this event, and yes, you may even spot me again at the Zombie Walk on Saturday!

The Zombified recently donated an original piece of custom artwork (the "Black Cat" drawing) to the Black Cat Rescue's current silent auction (or go to 32auctions.com and enter AuctionID: KittenSeason2010 password: BlackCatsRock), which is going on now through May 12th.

Not exactly news, but worth mentioning: The Zombified is indeed on Facebook, MySpace, and LiveJournal. Show me some love.